We only visited Monaco for 1 day and I really want to come back to get more time there. Living at a hotel in Monaco can be a bit expansive but you can easily stay in Nice and take an Uber or go by train to visit Monaco. 

If you visit Monaco there are some places you have to visit/see, like the big harbor in Monte Carlo, it was crazy seeing all this big luxury boats. You have to visit the Casino! And you have to go to the main square and see all the beautiful buildings and the church. If you like shopping you have all the fancy and luxury stores to choose from. But if you just want to have a chill day, relax and enjoy your company, this is the perfect place because you are surrounded by an amazing environment wherever you are!

About the Casino it´s good to know that if you want full access you need to dress up, like a proper dress for the ladies and a suit for the guys. We don´t do that kind of dress up so often so I thought it was superfun to get to dress up for the night and to see Gustav in a siut, he was so good locking! :)

Another good thing to know is that if you live outside Monaco, like in Nice like we did, it´s good to have your own driver decided before you go there. Taxi´s nightime from Monaco to Nice is almost expensive like a robbery. So my tip is to have everything settled before you go :)