My life right now!


Hi all my favorites! How are you all holding up right now? I really hope that you´re all good considiring this on going situation in the world.

I´m just trying to do my best to live my life as normal as possible but avoide everything that´s not neccessary  at the moment! 

Beside´s going to work and going to the store for grocerys I´m trying to stay at home as much as possible. Just some walks around the area where I live, but still keeping my distance from other people. 

I´m gonna start riding my bike during this up coming week as well. I think that´s completely okey since I will not meet anyone else or be close to someone else. It´s just gonna be me, my bike and some fresh air :)

I actually just been out in my garage, putting on my new phone holder from Quadlock. I´ve heard so many great stuff about this one so it was a n easy choice to make when I decided what brand to choose! Now I´m 100% ready to take my bike out to explore new places! Thanks to this phone holder from Quadlock I will always be able to have navigation available through my phone when I´m out on miy bike, 
I´m super excited now!!! :)