Motocross in the Caribbean


Renting dirtbikes in The Dominican Republic can be pretty expensive but I still highly recommend you to do it if you like riding dirtbikes. It is such a great way to explore and you really get to see the nature and culture in a different way.

If you want to ride dirtbike tracks you should go to Santa Domingo and if you are in Punta Cana I recommend you to drive from the city area to Macao Surf Camp/beach. We did that trip 2 times and it was just amazing! We got to meet some locals and let me just say that people are so friendly and welcoming.  It was such a great experience that i will never forget!

We rented the bikes some extra days just to explore and have them as transportation when we went between other activities. The Dominican Republic is pretty good to drive around, sure the traffic is more hectic than I´m used to at home in Sweden, but the roads are very good and it is kind of "the dominican way" to transport yourself on a bike :)