I felt like a cinderella stepping inside a castle when I put on my dress and went to the Casino in Monte Carlo - Monaco. The building was breathtaking! I really wish that I was allowed to take pictures inside but you could only take pictures in the foyer. But imagine big rooms with the mst amazing architecture, like in an old beautiful church or in a spectacular castle.

We visited the Casino during "off season" if you might call it that... I would say the high season is during July ans Augusust, and maybe also september. We went there late october which I liked since you could move around and gamble at all the tables and sit in the bar without waiting in a line all the time.

We only visited the main Casino, thats the luxury one that you have to dress up to match their dress code and you have to pay for entry. If you dont want to dress up them have two more casino´s that you can visit for free and without dresscode. But I truly recommend you to visit this one because it was such a great experience to have done, I kind of felt like a big star or a cinderella all night :)

And YES, we actually had some beginners luck and won, nothing big, but it was just fun to win some :)