I would say that we choosed a resort thats somewhere in between budget and super expensive. The prices felt like normal prices ack home in Sweden. The resort itself felt luxury and you could choose between more cheaper rooms and really expensive suites, like most places I guess. 

But our island was far from Male, so we had 2 options, either fly with a domestic flight to another island and then takea speddboat for about 385 USD/person or fly with a seaplane directly from Male to our resort for 625 USD/person. These transport prices isn´t anything you can escape from if you want to visit Maldives, but it can get MUCH cheaper if you pick a resort closer to Male as I mentioned above  :)

Can hardly remember how long it´s been since I started to dream about visiting Maldives! I guess since the first time I heard about it... When that dream begun to grow on me I still felt that Maldives might be to expensive for me. But as the years been passing by it seemes like the prices have started to change a bit as well...

Yes it´s still really expensive but today there are so many more options, so now you can actually choose to travel around Maldives on a budget as well as 100% luxury!

The thing that´s always a bit pricy is the transfer between the islands/atolls, so if you´re traveling on a tight budget stay close to the main island Male and visit maximum 2-3 different islands.

Unfortunality I got really sick just 2-3 days before we left Sweden and flew to Maldives, and I was really sick during our forst 5-6 days there as well. So we had to cancel some of our plansand activities but we still had an amazing time! Maldives is just sooo beautiful and it´s the perfect place to just relax and have vacation!