Okey, so Macedonia might not have been exactly what we expected. And yes, at first we was kind of dissapointed.,, BUT! That dissapointment started to go away as we spent more time there and got to se more and more from Macedonia. The problem I think was that we got the wrong first impression plus we where staying in Skopje and even if there was some nice things to see, there was not that much to see... 

We had heard so many great things about this place, so we had so high expectations... When we arrived we first got to a area that did not feel safe and I was very uncomfortable. But after a while as we spent more and more time there I started to forget about that and just enjoy the things that was really good. 

And yes, it´s true like I heard, you have some beautiful things to see here. Like different statues and fountains. And the food was bpth delicious and very cheap. 

We left Macedonia 1 day earlier, but not because we did not like it, trust me we did like it! We just got a bad first start. The reason we left early wasbecause of the really bad weather that started to come in. We got notified about that the bad weather only would get worse and stay a few days. So we decided to keep on driving to Albania instead where the sun was shining and the heat was on top :)

In my review about Macedonia I will write more about what to do and what not to do so that you will get a better first impression than us, and I also hope with that review that I still can inspire you to visit Macedonia even do our first impression was not the best.

Lots of love! <3