My review of: Hotel Ai Mori dÒriente - Venezia


"Charm hotel in the incomparably enchanting Venice, overlooking the Rio della Sensa in the Cannaregio quarter where picturesque hidden courtyards whisper ancient legends and where the rooms will cradle you in luxury and comfort.

In the city center near the Jewish ghetto and Campo dei Mori, the rooms at the Hotel Ai Mori d'Oriente instill a warm atmosphere of hospitality and tranquility where elegant Moorish touches evoke the trade along the Silk Road.

For a romantic getaway full of elegance and comfort surrounded by astounding beauty, fall in love all over again with Venice on a vacation at the Hotel Ai Mori d'Oriente."

As soon as I found this hotel online I knew that this was the one I wanted to book for our trip to Venice. It looked so characteristic and familiarly and still very luxury. I booked their suite with a canal view and we just LOVED our room!

But the room was not the only thing we loved about this wonderful hotel! The treatment we got from the first time arriving and constantly during our whole stay was so warm, True service from the heart! Everyone working there deserves a star, but I have to mention Emanuel in the restaurant a little bit extra as well, what a great person he was, If I owned a hotel he would be the first I hired! :)

When we arrived to our suite we had flowers on ur bed and a bottle of Moet with biscuits and strawberries waiting for us. And every day we got fresh fruit served in our room. As we arrived we also got a gift, a book about Venice and as we where packing to check out we got another gift, a scale to wheight our bags. I just love and appreciate things like that! Thank you! <3

Besides us just having an amazing stay here at Ai Mori dÒriente we also got a private tour guide from the hotel manager Filippo. We appreciated this so much. We got to see things and places you might not find strolling around on your own as a tourist and we got to know the history about Venice. I´m very grateful, thank you Filippo!

Other info; 

Location: I thought the location was perfect, walking distance to pretty much everything. We walk to Piazza San Marco every day but we still felt that the hotel had this feeling of privacy that we like, it was not that hectic around that area.

Transportation: You can get here with water bus or taxi and walk the last few minutes. You can also book a private transfer via the hotel with taxi from the airport to Venice and then private water taxi all the way to the hotel entrance like we did. It´s a bit expensive but so is everything in Venice. We thought it was alk worth it to get picked up ny a private driver at the airport that made sure we got all the way to the hotel, and the private taxi boat trip was really romantic and it was a great way to arrive and see Venice for the forst time. So I can really recommend that! :)