Day 4 on the cruise we made a stop in Jamaica. this was kind of the whole purpose with taking this cruise. We’ve been wanting to visit Jamaica for such a long time now, especially gustav.

Well I’’ not gonna say that we got disappointed, but still we kinda got... Not disappointed in Jamaica itself, but the guided tour we had pre booked for that day. 

We wanted to see as much as possible and really get that Jamaican vibe so we booked a guided tour along the north side of Jamaica. 

The problem with the tour was that the schedule was waaaay to tight and hectic so we never ry got the chance to enjoy Jamaica, we mostly was stop in our little and the guide said look out the window there is that and over there is that... not what we was hoping for. 

Well I’m not gonna complain, I’m just saying that we got the best Jamaican feeling in the harbor after getting of the boat...

Hopefully we will find another opportunity to visit Jamaica again and see more and get that feeling we was hoping for today.

Overall we are just very happy about the fact that we now at least have been here... :)