Indiana Kenanga Luxury Villas


I can´t help it, but when I travel I really like to live a little bit "extra good". I mean otherwise I can stay home and have it better. So I like to book more luxury places to stay the night. 

At Nusa Lembongan I found this Place called "Indiana Kenanga Luxury Villas" and yes it was for sure more expansive than most other places on the Island, but it was Everything I was looking for! Big Beautiful Villas with really comfortable beds and great service! Also the location was great! Located right on the beach and it was a really nice sand beach! 

One thing I really have to tell you about is the food at this Place, WOW! The lady in charge of the kitchen here was from France and had worked with food all over the World. You could really tel she cared about what was served on every plate! One of the best places I´ve eaten at, not only during this trip but I mean like ever!

Another thing recommend you to do here is to rent a scooter. The roads on Nusa Lembongan is more than okey and it´s easy to find your way around plus it´s not that much traffic. And thanks to the yellow bridge you can also drive over to Nusa Ceningan.