Hungary & Homoki Lodge!


I don´t know where to begin or what words to use to really give you the right feeling about this place and location. I don´t feel that there´s a word that gives it it´s true justice, I´m just overwhelmed!

So from the start our plan was to stay in Budapest. I´ve been on my way to Budapest once before but ended up somewhere else that time as well haha... So maybe next time I try to go there I will succeed, you know what they say, third time.....

But, this time we ended up pretty close to the Serbian boarder in a "farm" called Homoki Lodge. This is one of the best experiences I ever had!

I´m gonna wrte so much more abput this place in my review about Hungary, but until then I really want you to let you know that this place is just WOW!!! The owners are WOW! The animals are WOW! The place itself, the food, and the complete experience, WOW WOW WOW!!! We had the best time, catching some sun, riding horses through the tobaco fields, eating some really good and well cooked meals ans sleaping close to nature but still feeling so luxury. You really should visit this place! 

Dont´forget to check out my review later by clicking the link below.

Now I gotta get in the car and drive through Sebia to get to our next stop, Macedonia :)

Talk to you later! <3