Hello Mauritius!


Finally, as I have been waiting for this moment, finally we are here :) It was a pretty long tip, 19 hours total with 1 stop in Dubai. But the flights went really well and the service on board was great so it was very okey :)

Such a great feeling getting out of the plabe and you get to feel the sun to your face and the heat warming every inch of you, I truly love the sun!

I really need to give some credit to the Airport and their staff here in Mauritius, we both said that WOW how friendly and welcoming they are! It just felt really good <3

As soon as we got our bags at the Airport we took a taxi to the hotel,, checked in to our amazing room (picture´s coming later), changed into swim wear and jumped into the pool :D

About taking a taxi from the Airport, it´s super easy to get one just outside the Airport, but if you want one to the best price, book one online Before you travel, much cheaper :)

So now we gonna take a few Days just to relax at the hotel, on tuesday next week our rental car will arrive and then we will start explore the Island and try some different activities :)

Super happy to be here! :) <3