Hello Denmark!


And the road trip have finally started :) We left Sweden early morning yesterday and drove to our first over night stop: Copenhagen - Denmark. 

We spent the night at Tivoli hotel & congress center in Copenhagen and we had a great stay which you will be able to read more about later when I written my review :)

Today we been strolling the streets here in Copenhagen and eating danish sausage which is a must when you are here, thats like a tradition :)

The best part with this stop is that I really fell in love with Denmark. I´ve been here several times before but never ever really felt like it´s a place for me. But this time something changed! Maybe it´s because I was here with Gustav and we enjoyed it together, but i got to see a new side of Denmark and I can´t wait to come back! We both liked it so much that we decided to stop here again on the way back home :)

Now we gonna catch the ferry over to Germany and then we are driving to Berlin where we will sleep tonight :)