Helidosa - Helicopter tour


I surprised Gustav with an exclusive helicopter tour on his birtday. After checking around and comparing all the helicopter company´s with each other I decided to book our Helicopter trip with Helidosa Excursions. I felt they were a serios company and they ere very proffessional and had great service so I felt very safe with them.

They had 2 different trips to book, 1 to Sauna Island and 1 to La Jalda (biggest waterfall in the Dominican Republic), since we already had visit Sauna Island (by boat) I decided to go for La Jalda. 

The trip was almost unreal for me. Everything was so perfect and the view was amazing. First we got picked up at our hotel and our driver took us to the helicopter. We flew over the ocean, over the city, the captain even flew over our hotel and guided us the whole way. After we got to the waterfall/La Jalda we flew to a private island were we got fresh delivery from Subway, it actually felt pretty cool to get a Subway delivery out to our private island. 

The whole experience was great, from the first contact I had with Helidosa to book my trip until we got back home to our hotel. Very proffessional and safe and for me that was something i really appreciated during an activity like this.

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