It just came over me right now, how happy I´m feeling. You know, truly happy. Life feels "simple". I have a job I love, I´ve created the possibility for me to travel a lot nd I get to share it all with a person who really cares for me and always wants my best! I could not ask for more! That´s such a great feeling and I´m feeling very grateful.

At the moment we have not book a new trip. We have plenty of trips planned but we just haven´t decided which one of them will be the next one haha :P We have not really decided when we will go either. We want to be home a lot during the Swedish summer, so we decided that we will book something last minute during the times the weather will be really bad. So I´m guessing next trip will be during Swedish "midsummer" since it´s alwaaaays bad weather during that holiday, if you´re a Swede you know exactly what I´m talking about :P

Well for now you will get some pictures from our last trips to maybe find yourself soe inspiration for soe up coming trips, how about that :)) Enjoy! :)