Seri Resort - Gili Meno


My number 1 favorite place during our trip in Indonesia is without any doubt this cute little resort in the middle of the ocean! I´m so happy we went to Gili Meno and Seri Resort! It felt like a "budget Maldives" and what I mean with that is that you get white beaches and turqouise water and amazing service for almost no money at all! Here at Gili Meno you either walk or go with horse and carriage. It´s the perfect hideaway if you want a place without any stress, and zero exhaust. 
We loved this place!

Our favorite thing with this island was all the sea turtles. We had been dreaming of swimming with them for a long time so this was a dream coming true for us. If you´re living on the islands around Gili Meno you can take a snorkeling day trip here to swim with them. But if you live here at Seri resort all you need to do is to take your snorkeling equipment and walk straight out in the ocean, The live right outside the hotel :)

We was so excited after seeing our first turtle, I couldn´t believe it! and then just like that we had seen 9 turtles. It was amazing!

The turtles was truly something I will remember for as long as I live and I hope I get a chance to meet them again. But it was not the only thing that made us love this place as much as we actually did! This resort makes everything they can to make sure you have the best time! The staff is amazing! Both me and Gustav feel that we got friends for life and it was even a bit hard to leave when we had to check out because we felt we where gonna miss everyone so much! <3