Meet the sea turtles!


It´s been a dream for both me & Gustav to get to swim with sea turtles out in the ocean where they are living free. I´ve seen them before, both from a boat and from a little airplane when we flew really low and close to the ocean, but I never actually been in the water swimming with them, so I was super excited when I heard about Gili Meno and the chance to meet sea turtles in the ocean.

The first time we went out looking for them, we did not see any turtles. We was sad and felt like what if we not gonna see any.... But after talking with the hotel staff and got some tips about how to look at the water and the tide and follow stream we found 4 turtles the next time we went out in the ocean. And every single time after that we always found turtles and we was snorkeling everyday during our stay so we got to see a LOT of turtles :)

If you stay at Seri resort in Gili Meno the turtles live just straight out in the ocean, you just need to bring your snorkeling equipment and swim out :))