Gili Meno underwater statue!


If you want to swim down to see the underwater statue outside Gili Meno you can either take a snorkeling trip by boat or you can do as us if you are staying at Gili Meno, just walk around the island and swim out :)

I´m gonna do my best to try to explabe to you how to find it on your own, because if you don´t have the right direction it can be difficult, it took us like a whole day to find it, and we where swimming for hours, super close to the statue but in the wrong direction...

So let me try to guide you... First you should walk around the island to the side thats pointing to Gili Trawangan (Gili Meno is a Island in between Gili Trawangan and Gili Air). When you are on that side you walk until you see a BIG white screen with the text "BASK" (look at my last picture below). I recommend you to walk on the beach, we walk up on the "road" so we did not see the sign even though we looked for it, but we did not look for a big white sign, we just looked for a sign with the text bask, so if you know exactly what to look for maybe it´s easier :)

When you find the sign, you just stand in front of it so you have the sign behind you and you look straight over to Gili Trawangan, then you just swim straight out. It´s gonna get about 4 meter´s deep where the statue is (depending on the tide of course, But if you go furter out it gets much deeper and the water gets really dark and then you know you went to far out.