Get a safe tan!


I just want to tell you about on of my favorite products at the moment. It´s a self tanning Product that you just rub in all over your body (or on the parts were you want to get tanned). It´s super easy and Quick and you just shower it of wen you have te colour you want :)

Yes, I do travel a lot and I´m often in the sun, but I´m trying to not stay in the sun to long to be kind to my skin, and also I don´t Always have the time to just lay aroun to get a great tan, I´m often busy doing some fun activities :P

So this product is the best to bring along on trips to get a safe and good looking tan :)

I buy mine from Himlafin, you can also book appointments to do spraytan there, just click HERE to get to the booking page :)