Okey, so now we have tried autobahn for the first time :) Don´t really know what more to talk about because because that´s mostly what we´ve been seeing from Germany... We loved Denmark so much that we spent the whole day there instead of going to Germany in the morning as planned. This resluted in us arriving to the hotel in Berlin LATE in the evening... And then we got up early today to continue on our way to Czech republic and Brno. We really wanted to arrive there earlie since the weather there was so good and it was cold and rainy in Germany. So no I´m sorry to say that I have not explored anything else from Germany than the highway and our hotel in Berlin, Eurostars.

About the hotel I can say that Eurostars all over the world seems to be a really nice hotel to stay at if you don´t want to pay to much but still want it a bit luxury, you get a lot for your money :) I will write a review about the hotel later :)

If you have any suggestions to places to explore in Germany please let me know so maybe we can check them out on the way back home to Sweden again :)

No I gotta quite writing, Gustav is waiting for me, we ra eon our way to drive tp Czech Republic now :)