Doing research


Sitting here on my day off, laughing a bit, doing research for the up coming trips... The reason I´m laughing is because I almost daily get the question about how I can travel this much and I seem so lucky to always "just ending up at great locations doing fun things"... Many people seem to think it´s all so easy, that all the trips just comes served :P

Well let me tell you this, before every tri I spend hours, and more hours doing research, and then I´ll do some more research... Findind the right destination, the right hotel, and the right activities is almost like an extra job. 

Today I´ve been doing some more research for our up coming trip to Malta and also some research for a trip to Iceland (dates are not set yet for the Iceland trip). This might be the 4 o 5 day I really put down some time in my Malta research and today I realy felt that it paid off. Starting to feel that I have all the pieces of the puzzle that I need, now I just need to structure it down to make a schedule that makes it possible for us to relax and enjoy our visit but still have the time to see and do everything we want :) Malta is scheduled for 20-24 of march this year. We want to go during spring time, before all the other tourists arrive, but still not to early on, so end of march felt like a good time :)