Day 2 with KTM in Tenerife!


Wow this event is so well planned, all the credit to KTM and the people who planned everything for this weekend. You can really tell from all the details that there's a thought behind everything.

In the evening we had a cocktail-get-to-know-each-other thing and a press conference, and I was blown away by how they had put it together.

First we got this map that where like a gps step by step to follow. We walk out in the off-road area and then we came to the first station where they had music and cocktails and everyone could mingle and get to know each other, we where people from all over the globe, so fun meeting everyone! :)

After the mingle we continued a bit further and then arrived to the area where the press conference where held. And this is my favorite part so far in details, instead of a regular press confe inside the hotel doors, in a tiny meeting room, they had made this big setup out in the wild, amount rocks and rocky roads, it was such a feeling and so well done matching the idea of the bike, well done KTM, you got my interest now, even though you already have it, but after this I was really impressed!

And then the whole press confer was really well done as well. You could truly feel that these person but knew what they was talking about and also that they really loved it and believed in it. They kept you interested during the whole press conference.

Afterwards we all had an amazing dinner together, once again so well done and what a setup! All set details, yeah I gotta give you that KTM, this was truly on point!!!

Feeling really grateful to be here and to get the possibility to represent a brand like this, I feel really proud!

Right know I'm looking forward for tomorrow and what tomorrow will bring to us. If today was this good, I can only imagine how tomorrow will be :)) All I k is right now is that we will be out on the 390 Adventure all day long and I'm super excited :))