As I mentioned, things started to change as soon we passed Split. From Dubrovik to Split it was just as crowded wherever go went. We made a stop in Dubrovnik and visited the old town. For 1 hour we payed like 30 Euros to park the car, the food was really shitty and expensive and the service was bad! Not bad, the worst actuallt! But I understand them. They where exhausted! Tourist´s everywhere, like climbing on eachother... I almost got crazy as well and I was only there for a short while haha...

We continued to make stops along the road, it sure is a beautiful place, but still crowded everywhere. But then after Split it started to slow down. So we made our first overnight stay in Croatia in a town called Trogir, Don´t get me wrong, there is still tourists here but in a more "normal" way :)

We stayed the night at a really nice hotel and explored the city of Trogir, it was the perfect overnight stay! The next day we continued to Primosten and this is a place I really recommend! Beautiful beach! Calm and relaxed feeling! Cosy little town and very freindly and helpful people! Good food and much better prices as well! Here we parked a whole day, I mean 24 hours for about 10 Euros. Compare that to the 1 hour parking in Dubrovnik for 30 Euros :P

South of Croatia almost scared me away! But I´m very happy we came here by car and had to drive through the whole country because as soon as we got above Split things got SOOOO MUCH BETTER!

Let me clear something out right away! It´s not that we did not like south of Croatia by it´s looks, it was a stunner with so much to see! But it was waaaaaay to over crowded! I mean not only for our taste but for it´s own good I believe...

We came here during the big tourist season and that was very wrong by us. I guess our experience had been much better if we had choosed a different time of the year. BUT! Like everyone else in Europe, this is the time we have our vacation, and apparently we where not the only ones visitng Croatia...

After Primosten we drove the whole coastline up to north of Croatia, and I was literally sitting in the car saying WOOOOW all the time! It was soooo beautiful!!! Why do I never hear people talk about north of Croatia!?!?!? Before over trip everyone was like oh my god you have to drive along the south coastline! But let me tell you, the south is nothing compared to the north!

Over last overnight stay in Croatia we spent at Navis hotel in Opatja. I actually visited this town with my family about 30 years ago. Don+t remember much of it but it was still fun to be back and thinking back that little me was swimming there 30 years ago :) This is also a place I want to visit again and a place I truly recommend you to visit if you want beautiful nature, amazing clear blue water, good food and not to a place thats waaay overcrowded! 

No we are about to continue to drive to Italy and Dolomites, but first we are passing through Slovenia :)

When I get back home to Sweden I´ll write a better review on Croatia and the places and hotels we where visiting :) You´ll find the review later by clicking the link below :)