Buddha-Bar Hotel Prauge


LOVE! Yes, only one word needed! And LOVE that´s exactly how I felt when I found this hotel while I was googeling hotels in Prauge. 

Buddha-Bar Hotel Prauge opened the doors in Prauge 2009 and it´s located in the city, just a few steps away from the beautiful old town that I can´t wait to be strolling around next week! Even though the location is perfect it wasn´t that who really got my heart to beat a little bit extra. This hotel is just WOW! So eye-catching and something different. Usually I´m not a big fan of red colors and at Buddha-Bar Hotel most things are red, and you know what, it was one of the things a really liked! It´s so uniqe, I´m like drawn in to it! And the beds! Let me tell you about the beds! Sure I have not had the chance to try them out yet, but they look insane! They look like the most comfortable beds ever! I can´t wait to throw myself on the bed! :P 

Look at this, it look´s awesome right :) And beside this their restaurant looks amazing to! And their spa, OMG! You know me, I always have to visit the spa when I´m traveling. Maybe because when I´m home I´m always working, like 7 days a week, so I never have the time to pamper myself, and also I just love to spoil Gustav and it´s super cozy to go to the spa together :) Well comfy beds, good food and a spa visit that´s what I´m looking forward to right now :)

See you next week Buddha-Bar Hotel Prauge :)