Booked a trip to Greece / Rhodes


With the Mauritius trip just around the corner it´s hard to think about anything else. But I´ve been looking for a 1 week trip in the end of May for a wile now and today I finally made a decision and booked it!

I was looking primarly on Greece & Spain, simply because I want to go to a warm Place not to far away from Sweden sine I "only" cn stay away for 1 week during this trip.

The choice ended up on Greece, Rhodes to be exact! Less then a hour flight from Sweden, feels really good!

I booked a suite with a big terrace directly connected to a pool at 5 star hotel "Sensimar Imperial Resort & Spa by Atlantica". I also booked a rental car during the whole stay so that we really can explore Rhodes.

I´ve been to Greece Before, but it´s a few years now since my last visit, cant wait to get back :)

I made a special travel page for this trip and will of course keep you updated all the time during over stay there :)

If you have any special suggestions about what we just have to do or see, please notify my HERE! <3