Macao Surf Camp


I actually was a bit nervous about this being my first time ever going surfing. Not really sure why, maybe it was some kind of respect for the water combined with me not really knowing what to expect...

"I wouldn´t mind living by the beach and be doing this every day"

When we arrived to Macao Surf Camp at Macao Beach in The Dominican Republic we met up with our instructor Rafael. Immediately I felt so much for comfortable. He was really great in both calming me and instructing me in an educantional way, I felt really safe with him.

Ready- Go go go!

Grab a board and let´s do this!

So after a while with practice on a board on the beach it was finally time to grab a board and get wet. We all got our own "helper" that stayed by our side the whole day and helped us ni the water. All I needed to do was to listen to my helper, wait for his instructions and just trust him and go for it.

"Lying on the board, waiting gor the instructions to "GO" gave me a nice Little adrenalinerush"

It was pure magic, the first time in the water, getting up on that board. It felt like I was made for doing this! Why have I not tried this earlier??? Well surfing is definitely something I want to do again!

If you want to try to surf for the first time I can really recommend Macao Surf Camp. The instructors a great, not only can you feel that they know what they are doing but you can also feel their love and passion for surfing. And the spot, WOW! Not only is it super Beautiful, it´s also a very safe place since there´s just fine sand on the bottom of the sea. Nothing you can get hurt on. And the beach is pretty long, with shallow water on one side and deeper on the other, so you can start out small and go bigger and bigger with time :)