Back on the bike and travel plans!


I´m finally back on the bike! Well not back like I used to be, that will take a while, but I´m back at the bike and for that I´m beyond happy! I´ve been out testing my shoulder and how it feels when I´m riding my bike a few times now and it actually works pretty good! 

I mean I´m taking it real slow and I´m not doing anything advanced but my shoulder feels pretty good and I can feel that if I just continue with my rehab and take things slow this will work out perfect and next year I will be able to get back to hitting ramps :) 

Here are some pictures from my test ride the other day :)

Okey so what´s up besides that I´m back on my bike... Well nothing unsual really, just me planning a lot of upcoming trips haha... We are going away in october, november, december and january and I have not decided for a single destination yet :P The problem is that I want to go to tooooo many destinations at the same time so I´m having some trouble to decide where to actually go.... 

If you have any suggestions to places with great weeather, meaning warm and sunny, during these months you are more then welcome to give me some suggestions :)