Back in Florida!


Sooo happy we visited Turks and Caicos Islands, we totally loved our entire stay and could easily have stayed longer. Usually we feel pretty okey with leaving a place to go to a new one but this time we really felt like I just said, like we easily could continue our stay even longer...

But yeah at the same time we are very happy to get to see a new place as well :)

Right now we're back in Florida and tomorrow we're catching a new flight around lunch time. I'm gonna keep our destination a secret for a little longer but it's a place neither one of us been to before and we're so ready to explore :))

I've heard there's a pretty bad internet connection there in general so we'll see how much I will be able to post from there. In worst case I just have to wait with my updates until we're going to the next place after that :)) we'll see :))

Hope you all have been having a really great Christmas so far, I wish you all the best!!! <3