390 Adventure KTM release in Tenerife!


So the release of the 390 Adventure from KTM was my first time being invited to a bike release like this. Hopefully not my last time though because WOW how much fun this was! I felt so grateful and blessed that I got the chance to be part of this! I really have to give KTM credit for creating such a great event!

I met people from all over the world, journalist´s that are used to attend at stuff like this and they all said the same thing, all the credits to KTM, this was such a well done event!

I mean, everything was so well done! It was so well planned down to the smallest details! I was so impressed! We arrived on thursday to get some time to relax after the flight. Then on friday we had a meeting with cocktails and snacks and then the coolest press conference I´ve seen!  

Our saturday started pretty earliy since we wanted as much time as possible on the bikes. I was soooo pumped and excited about this! My first impression of the bike was that it was a bit big for me. I´m only 152 cm tall (short haha) and all the bikes where in original size. You can get a lowering kit for this bike if you´re as short as me.

Besides that the bike was amazing! And as the day went by and my confident grew the bike didn´t feel as big anymore. I must say it was such a smooth and easy bike to handle in general! We had one of the power parts for this bike added, the quick shifter, and that´s a part I recommend you to get! So increadible smooth it was to shift gears!

I got a lot of questions about the bikes engine, if it´s enough power and so on. Let me tell you, I´ve been of from reiding for over a year because of my last surgery, so I didn´t feel the confident to really push it. But I talked to the journalist and old race drivers who also tried the bike out, I mean I even got to ride with guys who have competed in Isle of man, that says a lot to me! And everyone said the same thing, The engine is more than enough for what this bike is made for. The freedom of being able to create a real adventure. You don´t have to stop driving just because the asphalt ends! If you stop, it´s because of you, not the bike!

Do I recommend it? Oh yes! You should really check out the price! First you get like 2 bikes in one because of it´s possibilites, then it´s a really cheap bike, especially thinking about how good it was. So yes I recommend it big time! Especially to anyone who wants to get ONE bike, but still wants to be able to do a lot of different riding. If that´s you, you should check out the 390 Adventure from KTM!