My biggest passion!

Dirtbikes, I can´t really put my finger on what it is about dirtbikes that makes my heart smile extra big and beat extra hard.

Maybe it´s because it´s something that really takes 100% of my concentration and something I have to work for to manage, I don´t know, but I really love it!

I started riding dirtbikes pretty "late" in Life. Sure 30 y/o isn´t that old, but in this sport it´s more likely that you stop riding at that age than you start with it.

I like all kind of riding but it´s FMX, Freestyle Motocross, that I Love the most. My wish is simple, I just want to inspire others and show that it´s never to late to try new things and follow your dreams. If I can do it, so can YOU! <3

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More then a hobby - it´s a lifestyle