Make your dreams reality!

Something I´ve been thinking about and wanting to do for a really long time is to get a drivers license for a motorcycle.

So now I have dicided to make this dream of mine into something more than just a Dream, I´m gonna make it my reality!

KTM Duke 790

I´ve decided to go for the KTM Duke 790 as my first bike. I´m gonna make it a Little bit lower so it´s gonna be a bit easier for me to handle since I´m so very short. But besides that I Think this bike will be perfect for me!

I will update you more about the bike later when I´ve had my license for a while and I´ve really tried out the bike :)

Lövens traffic school

So, to be allowed to drive a motorcycle in Sweden you have to have a special drivers license for that. After checking around and comparing different traffic school´s I booked my education at Lövens traffic school in Gävle.

I live about 1,5 hour drive from Gävle but I booked an "intensive course" and then you get to live at the school for a few Days and study a lot during a few Days.

My course will be in the beginning of May and I will keep you updated and tell you all about it :)

To read more about Courses like this or maybe book your own, check out Lövens traffic school.