Hello again Sweden!


So we are back home again! Mixed feelings! It´s always nice to be home after a long trip, sleep in your own bed, wash all of your clothes, ride your bike and meet all of your friends! BUT! We really had such a great trip, it was more than "just" a great trip! This was something that affected me on a deeper level, there where so many uniqe experiences. We got to see so many spectacular places and meet so many extraordinary people with big warm hearts. The whole experience was so great that it´s amlost hard for me to realize what I´ve been getting to do/see...

I´m just so very grateful for this trip! In every single way!!! I will start writing my reviews on all the places we been to in a few days. I have some stuff I have to get back to here at home first,,, I mentioned laundry right haha ;) No but seriously I need to just melt everything first. I need to relax a bit at home to truly understand what a great experience we been having to be able to justify everything and be able to write the best reviews I possible can! At this moment I´m just to hyped about everything that all I can think about is WOW WOW WOOOOOOOW!!!! And using just one word will not be a fun review to read haha :P

Gonna stop joking now and start handling the laundry! And meet some friends and family! And in a few days my reviews will be up and running for you guys! <3