Transportation to Gili Islands


There is plenty fishes in the sea, and boats as well ;) Okey so I tried to be funny but the truth is that there is a lot of different companys to choose from and you should definitely not just book one without comparing them.

My general tip is that if you find one that is much cheaper then the rest, DON`T book it! That was the number one recommendation I got from people travelling in Indonesia. If you want a good and safe trip it´s better to pay a little more. 

We booked our first boat trip with a company called Ekajaya and we where very pleased. It was a good and secure boat, they had a lot of staff working on it and you could tell they knew what they was doing.

During our first boat trip I was a bit sceptic about giving my bags away, I felt like their system to keep the bags in order wasn´t that good. There was a couple of stops before we got to the harbour we where getting off from so I was so sure that I would never see my bags again. But hey, I was very wrong! They had a great system, marking all the bags and sorting them up. We went on 3 different boattrips with this company and everytime they provided great service, a safe trip and my bags always got dropped off at the right place :)

I would gladly recommend Ekajaya if you´re planning a boattrip to take you from A to B in Indonesia :) 

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