Touchdown Florida - USA


So we got up early this morning, our taxi arrived just before 4. Check in went super smooth and then we first flew from Stockholm/Sweden to Oslo/Norway. Then we made a quick stop and changed aircraft before we continued to Florida/USA.

The whole flight was really nice. We flew with SAS and bought economy tickets, but then we put a bid on upgrades for us tickets. Super happy we did that because we "won" the bid (we only bid the smallest amount possible) so we got to fly SAS plus instead of economy.

Plus ain't a super big difference from economy but still those small changes made a big difference! You get much wider seats and we sat only 2 in a row. The food and service was great and we got a big pillow and a really nice quilt which I appreciated since I'm always freezing so much when we're flying.

Now we're finally in Florida. We landed in Miami but took a taxi to Fort Lauderdale and Best Western hotel down at the beach. We wanted to stay close to the harbor in Fort Lauderdale since we're going on a cruise tomorrow :))

We are suuuupeer excited about the cruise, Gustav have done a cruise like this before, but that time around the Bahamas. For me it's gonna be the first time I'm doing a Caribbean cruise, I'm only done those cruises between Sweden and Finland before :P

The cruise will be 5 nights and we will make a stop in both Haiti and Jamaica :))

Haiti will actually be country number 40 I'm visiting :))

Now I'm gonna relax at the beach for a while, I'll talk to you guys later :)) <3