Romantic Getaway


Visiting a spa and getting a massage during our trips have kind of become a tradition for us :) I never been that kind of person that takes time for massage and stuff like that, but when I started to travel something changed for me. I started to prioritize myself, and maybe my relationship with Gustav had something to do with that as well. I love spoiling him, and spoiling us together, so going to the spa and getting some special time together have become something I truly love doing on trips.

So When I found out the the hotel we were staying at in Prague, Buddha Bar Hotel Prague, had a spa package named "Romantic getaway" I just had to book it! It sounded like the perfect thing for us and trust me when I say that it exceeded our expectations! 

The Romatic getaway at Buddha Bar Hotel Prague is a 3 hour private spa session including all of this:

• Exclusivity of the Spa Suite for 3 hours

 • Bottle of Champagne & strawberries 

 • Jacuzzi and Hammam Steam Room 

 • 2 x 60 min. massage 

 • Intimate atmosphere with relaxing music 

 • Lounge corner, Fire Place, Library 

When you book this package (or any other spa activity) you get picked up in your room by your spa therapist and she will take you to the spa suite and talk to you about what kind of massage/body parts you want to focus on. Then it all starts with a relaxing foot bath and you get some tea in a cozy relaxing area. 

After the footh bath you´ll get your massage (You can choose to end with the massage but with prefered to start with that and then have out privacy time in the jacuzzi and hammam steam room), the massage is given to 1 person a time and that was very nice. Other times we always been getting massages side by side and I´ve always been thinking that´s what I would prefer. But this was really nice and also very relaxing. While the other person gets his/hers massage you get to relax and drink tea in front of a fire place and you get to see the person you love getting their massage which I thought was very romantic. 

After you both have gotten your massage the spa/massage therapist will leave you all alone and you get the whole spa suite just for the two of you. You´ll get fresh fruites and champange to share during your time in the jacuzzi. We both appreciated this experience to the fullest and said that we would love to come back and do it again. So from the bottom of our hearts we truly recommend it to you <3

I also want to send out a big THANK YOU to our spa/massage therapist "Angie" who was extreamly proffessional and really good at her job, thank you very much for taking such good care of us and giving us an amazing experience <3