Hello Haiti!


We where clueless about what to except arriving to Haiti. According to the Swedish ambassy it's a country you should not visit because it's not safe for a tourist.

I remember as well when we visited Dominican Republic 2 years ago, there was a little place you should not visit because of high criminality so they called the place little Haiti...

Well with these things in mind we was not sure about what to expect but we had a goal and that was to meet some locals and get to hear their story.

First I need to explain how it is when you get of the boat. You don't really get to see "the real Haiti", the cruise ship have actually bought a piece of the island and there are gates and fences to separate the rest of Haiti from the part you get to see. The people working in restaurants and shop are from Haiti but above that we where lucky that during this day they had invited so many school kids to celebrate Christmas so we actually found a group of young people who danced and played music that we could have a chat with.

I'm gonna tell you more about this meeting and the things we learned later but for now let me tell you my heart totally melted for the people in Haiti and I really want to go back and see the real thing!