First day in Tenerife


Day one, it felt so weird to say goodbye to Gustav as he left me at the airport this morning. I'm not used to travel without imhim, for the last 2 years we've been to 35 different countries together and some countries we've visited several times. So there's been a lot of traveling lately and I've always had him by my side. So yes, it was a weird feeling not having him by my side today.

Of course I now I will be fine without him for a few days, but honestly I love to spend time with him and I can't wait to have him around me again!

Well let's talk some more about today now :) The trip went super smooth, as you know I'm very afraid of flying, I don't think that will ever change for me, no matter how many times I fly, it's just something I don't feel relaxed by doing, and flying without Gustav was something that was worrying me a bit in advance. But the flight went super smooth! I had great company by Christer from KTM and we had a lot to talk about so I kind of forgot I was afraid. And the flight itself was really calm and felt pretty quick even though it was a 6 hour flight. So I'm all good and happy :)

When we arrived to Tenerife we went straight ahead and picked up our rental car, yeah we got our luggage first of course, but then straight to the car :)

it took about 15 minutes to our hotel, which I loved by the way! I got such a nice and big room with a ocean view as well :)

In the evening we took a long walk around the area and had some food and just relaxed. Tomorrow we will have our registration for the test drive of the 390 adventure bike from ktm and we will also attend the press conference to learn more about this bike, then on saturday its all about driving the bike, I can’t wait :))