Dolphin Discovery


Swimming with Dolphins have always been a big dream for me. ve done it ones before, but in open sea when i visited the Azores a few years ago. There was Dolphins everywhere and it was such a wonderful experience.

But I´ve always been wanting to come closer to them & learn more about them. So on Gustavs birthday I supprised him with a private swim with the Dolphines at Dolphin Discovery.

"We started the day with a helicopter tour & ended it with a private swim with the Dolphines, it´s a day I´ll never forget!"

The whole day was just perfect! First we went on a helicopter tour and flew to a private Island, then we ended the day at Dolphine Discovery and got to swim with Dolphines. I can promise you that i will never forget this day!

The thing i truly appreciated was that they teached us so much about the dolphines. It was so much mure than "just a swim" with the dolphines. It was educational and it felt respectful.

My tip: If you come here for a swim, buy the package were you get a camera guy with you who takes a picture of you swimming with the dolphines, because you really want that with you as a memory.