Dolomites - Italy!


Okey! So I´ve been crying like several times since we got here! Why??? Because it´s so beautiful that I barely can handle it!!! I mean is this place even real!?!?!?

I always get a lot of questions about destinations when I post pictures on my Instagram. But this was sick! I got like bombed with questions after posting my first story on Instagram. People was like me, not believing there eyes! Everyone asked where is this place!?!?!?!?

I honestly nevere seen anything like this! And I had to pinch myself several times to make like a reality check! WOW, Dolomites is my best nature experience ever!

I really want you to read my review about this place later, because everything on this trip was pure perfection! The location, the nature, the people, and the hotel we stayed at! You have to visit this hotel if you go to the Dolomites! We stayed at Barenhotel and they had the best food I ever eaten!!! Most friendly people!!! And the view from the rooftop, OMG!!! Im obsessed with both this hotel and the whole Dolomites!!! Do yourself a favor and visit it! 

I will write the review when I get back home to Sweden again and you will find it by clicking the link below :)