Car rental


As usual renting a car is on my TOP list on things I think you should do while visiting new places! Rhodes is no different!

We had a rental car during our whole stay, we picked it up as soon as we landed at Rhodes Airport and didn´t return it until it was time to fly back home again.

We pretty much used the car every day, both for longer and shorter trips and I must say that Rhodes is a nice Place to drive in. The streets are good, traffic is pretty much like back home in Sweden, it´s just a much better view every where :P

If you gonna rent a car I highly recommend that you really read everything you agree to. I did a Little mistake with that this time and it costed me a lot of extra money. There are a lot of special rules in Greece when it comes to payment method. I thought it was possible to pay wit a regular debet card but I had booked and Insurance where you had to have a credit card (which I NEVER use!). So when I was going to pick up my car we had to buy a new Insurance even though everything was already payed and done back home in Sweden. This because I´ve payed with a debet card. So PLEASE make sure you read and understand what you pay for, it could have saved me a LOT of Money!

But even though I had this happening to me I really Think ypu HAVE to rent a car if you visit Rhodes! Rent a car and explore as much as possible, there is so many Beautiful places to see! :) A great tip is to rent a convertable like we did, then you get to enjoy the sunny weather at the same time as you explore :)