We´re flying with SAS


When I was younger SAS used to be one of my favorite companys to fly with. Maybe it felt safe since it was Swedish and it felt like a "part of home", I don´t know. Knowadays however SAS might not be my first choice. I´ve heard so much negativity and not only from media but also from people arround me. Everyone have the same story to share, they all been troubled with a lot of delays.

However, our flight from Stockholm to Prague with SAS was all good! No delays! Good service and bags delivered. Service on the plane was okey, nothing to complain about even though I´m starting to get used to the kind of service you get while flying with Emirates or Qatar. But I guess if I want that kind of service on SAS I should up grade my tickets to at least business but I always fly economy. 

But if I should try to review my flight with SAS this time, my summary would be that I was very pleased, worth the money, safe and easy! I would definitely recommend SAS and I will fly with SAS more times :