Audi A3 Convertible - Rental car


As you know, we rented a car during our stay in Mauritius. I´ve had rental cars before when I´ve been traveling, but I don´t Think that I ever have used it as much as we did during our last trip. We truly explored the whole Island and I just loved to have that possibility!

So we have rented a car for our up coming trip to Rhodes/Greece as well :) This time I decided to put some extra money on the rental car and I rented a Audi A3 convertible. Since we loved to explore as much as we did, and we want to do the same thing on Rhodes but still get the chance to enjoy the sun I thought a convertible was the perfect choice :)

I´m soooo ready for this trip and it´s gonna be super nice with a short flight this time, our last 4 flights have been between 15-20 hours, so 3,5 hours to Rhodes feels like nothing :)

Here´s a picure of the car model we gonna have when we explore Rhodes :))