And then Mexico is also booked!


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I guess I got feeling today haha... I´ve been thinking back and forth about our trips during October and November this year... Been having so much trouble deciding where to go... When we first started planning, like several months ago! I talked abour Mexico and Maldives but then therse been like 1 million thought about other trips as well.

So i´ts quiet funny when I today have booked just the exact 2 trips that I först was thinking about haha so typical me!

So in exactly 2 weeks we are flying to Mexico for our first time and we decided to visit Tulum this time :)

I really have to tip you about using when you book hotel. Every night you book counts and every time when you reach 10 nights you get one night for free, its perfect! This trip to Mexico emediatelly gave me 1 free night and then the trip to Maldives gave me another one, so on my next booking I will get 2 nights for free :)) PERFECT!!!


Check out the picture from our terrace from our Master Suite we will be staying at in Tulum/Mexico :))