Amsterdam review


This is a city full of life! No matter if you go out daytime or during night there is full movement and people enjoying the city. It´s very easy to go around to see and do stuff, everything is within walking distance and if you don´t want to walk, rent a bike and do like the recidents in Amsterdam, go around by bike. 

Bikes are actually one of the things that I will associate with Amsterdam from now on. Bikes & cafe´s & dining places, they where everywhere! Im not sure how much churros and pancakes with strawberries and nutella we´ve been eating this weekend, not sure I wanna know either haha. But so worth it, yummie! :P

Best part with Amsterdam is that there is s much to do but if you feel like doing "nothing" this is the perfect place for that as well. Such a cozy city to just hang out in. No matter if you´re in love, travelling with friends or just out walking on your own, you can stroll around for hours and hours!

Amsterdam is just as beautiful during daytime as it is cozy during the evening. One thing I loved a little bit extra to enjoy was all the canals. It kind of felt like a big Venice & I loved it!

If you´re going here I truly recommend you to go on a boattrip to get to enjoy the canals as much as possible. There are plenty of boats and companys to choose from but I really recommend you to go with one of th smaller boats that you book in advance. They take about 10-15 people instead of the big boats where you sit inside, crowded with like 80 people...

We didn´t book our boat tickets in advance but we where lucky to pass buy a boat company that we came to love and gotthe pefect spot on one of their boats. To see more you can check them out on instagram as @floatingamsterdam :)

Besides enjoying the canals we went to the Heineken brewery and we visited Madame Tussaud´s and Anne Frank´s house. 

The Heineken Experience at their brewery here in Amsterdam is another thing I really recommend you to visit! We had not planned to go there, it was kind of spontainous but it was really one of our favorite things during this trip :)